*Delicated Laser Welding

*Movable On-Site Welding

*Portable Laser Welding Machine

*Laser Welding Machine For
 Large Mould

*Initial Laser Welding Machine

*On-site repair – no need to
 disassemble the workpiece

*Various choices for hardness and
 welding material

*Partial maintenance, on-site

*Lower thermal, small hot zone

*High combination – not easy to peel off

*All kinds of on-site metal reborn
 used by Low heat

*High combination – not easy to
 peel off

*Suitable for multiple metal

*Not relate to labor safety
 problem, such as water

*On-site job, no need for
 traditional plating groove

*High combination of metal
 plating layers, easy to control
 required thickness

*Generally, no need for second
 process as the workpiece is stable

*To reinstate the size and
 geometric shape for deformed  parts

*Measurement for all kinds of
 roller circumreference

*Precise measurement according
 to printing roller seam

*Equipped with special measuring
 tools according to different

*High precision & easy to operate

*Swift tackling of tungsten rod

*Auger (roughness about #100) is
 endurable, not easy to wear

*Adjustable slope of tungsten rod,
 easy to operate

*Hard materials such as drill
 scribing rod、firing pin are easy to polish