Paper Manufacturing Equipment – Roller repair on the spot

On-site repair for dryer cast hole of paper rolling machine 091104

No. 5 Dryer sunk for Union Paper 090822

Facility for tire manufacturing – On-site for roller repair

Feeding equipment for tire manufacturing facility              Inspecting the damage situation    

    One of the faulty parts                    Dealing with on-site MTD, step 1  

      Dealing with on-site MTD, step 2             Piled welding completed (not yet finished with details)  

      Initial evaluation                    after thorough handling     

On-site repair and grounded for roller of printing machine

Welding & grinding on the spot for machine axis (S3600009)      On-site repair for main stuff peeled off from Heidelberg
                               printing roller  

 Repair for roller crush of Heidelberg 6 colored machine      On-site repair for Glazed roller of Heidelberg 6 colored machine

 Disassembling the screws from Heidelberg 4 colored machine    On-site welding for bearing worn down of Mori 4 colored machine

  Repair for bearing worn down from printing machine            Repair for plate corner sunk of proofer   

      On-site plating repair for crushed roller        Oak barrel sponge brush postharvest treatment before the plane grinder

    Roller crushed before repair                  Roller crushed after repair & ground   

On-site repair for other scenes

On-site welding for crack working arm of 30 ton excavator          On-site welding for the track of sandblaster   

  Plating process for Metal reborn & anti-corrosion of        Plating for metal reborn on the shaft front part of decelerator
Taipower hydroelectric generator                              

    Repairing for Thrust Bearing of Taipower hydroelectric        On-site plating & grinding at Taipower Hydroelectric    
    generator                       power plant for rusted shaft

 Repair for massive collapse on engine hood            On-site repairing for abrasion of kiln bearing located
by using metal reborn coating                   40 meters height in Asia Cement

Surface ceramics strengthen & repair for main shaft corrosion          On-site repair by using hypothermia welding   
   of Taipower hydroelectric generator                    for large casting